openSUSE Brings New Li-F-E To School

With education budget trends resembling a ski slope (downhill) it only makes sense to look to open source for help. With the 11.2 release of openSUSE comes a separate project targeted at schools and school children.

openSUSE for Schools (or Linux for education aka Li-f-e) packs a huge number of applications targeted at all grade levels. Packages for both desktop and server are included. They've also provided things like Internet filtering software to help parents and educators protect kids from potential problems. For classroom use you'll find tools for creating a kiosk mode or live CD bootable on older machines.

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1. Desktop Options
2. Server Option
3. Applications Galore!

openSUSE-Edu Li-f-e represents a significant step forward in delivering the tools needed to support virtually any school or educational requirement.