Pardus Linux 2.0 "Community" Review: Most efficient GNOME 3 distro!

I wanted to write this review for quite sometime. To begin with, Pardus is a Turkish distro, jointly developed by Scientific & Technological Research Council and National Academic Network and Information Center of Turkey. Before 2012, it used Gentoo as base. However, in 2012, it shifted to Debian and for good reasons. Pardus 2.0 "Community" GNOME edition was released in Sep-2013 and I am using

Netrunner 13.12 Review: Again an "Enigma"tic Kubuntu Saucy spin!

Netrunner's latest release is based on Kubuntu Saucy Salamander or the 13.10 release with 9 months of support. I guess it was originally intended to be released in December 2013 but got delayed to January 2014. In my comparison of the prominent KDE distros released in 2013, Netrunner 13.06 emerged as the best distro with a perfect blend of aesthetics, stability and performance. So, my

Korora 20 "Peach" KDE Review: Enhanced Fedora 20 and up-gradable to KDE 4.12.1

For many Linux users, Korora, dropping an "a" from it's name last year, is to Fedora what Linux Mint is to Ubuntu. Is it really true? Why I am saying this because Linux Mint not only packages Ubuntu in a user-friendly fashion and just makes it work - in my tests, it actually outperformed Ubuntu. With a comprehensive collection of performance statistics from my evaluations last year, this year

Siduction 13.2.0 KDE Review: Impressive Debian "Unstable" spin with cutting edge packages

Siduction is one of the distros which I didn't get a chance to review previously due to lack of time and opportunity. It is an operating system based on Debian "Unstable" branch offering cutting edge packages and applications offering most of the common desktop environments like GNOME 3, KDE 4.11, LXDE, XFCE, etc. For this review I take up the KDE version. Siduction 13.2.0 GNOME will be included